Floating Fountains

Floating Fountains are used to bring action and beauty to lakes and ponds. In many cases retention ponds,required by Ecologists and Fire Codes, can become an asset to a project site.

Floating fountains are the only practical answer where a variable water level exists. They can also help maintain water quality through aeration.

Hall Fountains, Inc. manufacturers over 550 models of floating fountains with custom units always available in the correct situations.

All Hall Floating Fountain units are produced with the finest of materials and over fifty years of experience under the same ownership. Floatation consists of individual air tested roto-cast polypropylene sections joined together with a stainless steel frame and all stainless steel fasteners. The individual sections make it easy to level and set the unit at the proper height in the water. We use the latest non-corrosive materials with brass and bronze jets and all cast bronze lights and junction boxes.

These components are manufactured in our plant. (We stand behind what we sell). All units are supplied with a UL Listed controller with the latest in safety features. Please visit our gallery to see many completed floating fountain projects.