About Hall Fountains

Founded in 1965, Hall Fountains, Inc. is one of the world’s leading fountain design firms and equipment manufacturers. With in-house product manufacturing and innovative engineering and designs, Hall Fountains has created thousands of fountain systems throughout the United States and the world abroad. With second and third generation family members working in our business, we have grown from 880 square feel of manufacturing and design facilities, to 33,000 square feet. As our family name is attached to each of our projects, we take great pride to ensure that each water feature we design is a success as our family name is attached to it.

Hall manufactures hundreds of unique components that are used in our architectural and floating fountains including but not limited to; Fountain Nozzles, UL Listed Submersible light fixtures, UL Listed submersible junction boxes, UL Listed control panels, Wind Controls, Water Level Controls, equipment pits/vaults and musical fountain controllers. We are a UL Shop and are able to provide a complete UL Listed Fountain system. Many manufacturers will mislead designers and consumers by stating that there equipment “complies” to certain standards, but the products are not actually listed. We find it very important to ensure all of our products are listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (UL) and are manufacture to the highest quality in terms of performance and safety.

In addition to architectural features, Hall specializes in floating fountains with over 550 standard models available. Ranging from 1/2 to 50 horsepower, HFI’s floating fountain line offers reliable operation and many aesthetic options for the customer. In the correct situations custom units are available offering larger horsepower’s, and computerized or musical control.

One thing setting us away from the competition is our in-house product-manufacturing center. With our 33,000 square foot fabrication facility, and CNC computerized manufacturing shop, Hall doesn’t need to rely on others for their fountain components. Keeping high quality control in the factory leads to better fountain systems in the field. Our components are not imported, or re-labeled from other suppliers, what you receive will be manufactured by our staff in our facility, to the highest possible standards.

Hall offers complete design services with CAD design and complete shop drawings with all fountain packages.

At Hall Fountains, Inc. we encourage our clients to contact us in the early design intent and concept phase of their projects. We are a hands on firm, with experts both in the engineering and design venue and in the manufacturing and product development arena. We’re happy to work with you from the inception of your project in developing water feature effects that suit your needs in visual impact, performance, and ease of maintenance.

In this day and age, time is of the essence, and we pride ourselves on our ability to perform quick cost estimates, initial MEP requirements and base design drawings. With our state-of-the art manufacturing facility, we always have a large inventory of products that are ready to ship which can circumvent project delays and keep things running smoothly.

Thank you for visiting us and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next water feature project.

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